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The War for Talent Издательство: Harvard Business School Press, 2001 г Суперобложка, 200 стр ISBN 1578514592, 978-1578514595 Язык: Английский инфо 3384m.
The War for Talent Издательство: Harvard Business School Press, 2001 г Суперобложка, 200 стр ISBN 1578514592, 978-1578514595 Язык: Английский инфо 3384m.

In 1997, a groundbreaking McKinsey study exposed the "war for talent" as a strategic business challenge and a critical driver of corporate performance Then, when the dot-com bubble burst and the ecoангдщnomy cooled, many assumed the war for talent was over It's not Now the authors of the original study reveal that, because of enduring economic and social forces, the war for talent will persist for the next two decades McKinsey & Company consultants Ed Michaels,аянъу Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod argue that winning the war for leadership talent is about much more than frenzied recruiting tactics It's about the timeless principles of attracting, developing, and retaining highly talented managers-applied in bold new ways And it's aboutrecognizing the strategic importance of human capital because of the enormous value that better talent creates Fortified by five years of in-depth research on how companies manage leadership talent-includбмчухing surveys of 13,000 executives at more than 120 companies and case studies of 27 leading companies-the authors propose a fundamentally new approach to talent management They describe how to: Create a winning EVP (employee value proposition) that will make your company uniquely attractive to talent Move beyond recruiting hype to build a long-term recruiting strategy Use job experiences, coaching, and mentoring to cultivate the potential in managers Strengthen your talent pool by investing in A players, developing B players, and acting decisively on C players Central to this approach is a pervasive talent mindset - a deep conviction shared by leaders throughout the company that competitive advantage comes from having better talent at all levels Using practical examples from companies such as GE, The Home Depot, PerkinElmer, Amgen, and Enron, the authors outline five imperatives that every leader-from CEO to unit manager-must act on to build a stronger talent poolбсубу Written by recognized authorities on the topic, this is the definitive strategic guide on how to win the war for talent Авторы Эд Майклз Ed Michaels Директор McKinsey & Company в офисе Атланты На протяжении последних 10 лет он фокусировался на проектах по разработке стратегий роста и усиления команды талантливых сотрудников В 1994 году он создал и возглавил практику "Война за таланты" В 1997 году Хелен Хэндфилд-Джонс Helen Handfield-Jones Старший эксперт организационной практики в McKinsey & Company Она фокусируется на вопросах управления талантами С 1994 года Хелен является одним из лидеров практики "Война за таланты" В 1997 году она была одним из руководителей первого исследования Элизабет Экселрод Beth Axelrod Директор McKinsey & Company в офисе в Стамфорде (Коннектикут) На протяжении 12 лет она работала с клиентами над вопросами, связанными со стратегией и организацией В последние три года она работала над страбтождтегией управления талантами для более чем 30 .

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